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  1. Applications are due April 6, 2018.
  2. The entry fee is $150.00. It is payable as the last step in submitting your application online.
  3. The BEST application is a blind application. This means in your entry form there should be NO mention of the company name or any identifying programs, people, or achievements. Applications that fail to meet these criteria may be disqualified.
  4. Organization name and other information will be collected separately.
  5. Most answers have word limits. These are hard-coded into the form and cannot be exceeded.
  6. Ensure no company-identifying information appears in any supporting documents you may upload. This includes the file name of the supporting document.
  7. Words included in uploaded documents do not count toward the total word count for the answer.
  8. Do not include an appendix, addendum, or any supplemental documents with your application beyond the optional uploads noted in the application. 
  9. Video links or links to outside websites are not allowed.


Disqualified applications are not eligible for a refund of the application fee.