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ATD BEST Award entries are evaluated by a team of talent development experts. These individuals are practitioners with worldwide expertise and include chief talent development officers and other senior learning leaders.

BEST entries are evaluated on several criteria.

1. The executive support and role of the talent development function in the organization. Reviewers want to know if talent development is considered a strategic driver and how talent development initiatives drive business results. (15%)

2. Evidence that developing talent is valued in the culture. Reviewers want to know how learning is delivered and whether employees take advantage of the learning opportunities offered. (15%)

3. Social learning and innovation. Reviewers are looking for evidence that an organization is on the leading edge of best practices for the talent development profession. (15%)

4. Evidence of a link between talent development and the performance of the organization. Reviewers expect to see how talent development practices align to organization strategy, how they are measured for effectiveness and efficiency, and what results they are achieving for the business. (50%)

5. Talent development staffing. (5%)