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ATD BEST Awards recognize organizations with a strategic commitment to talent development.

  • Entries submitted must represent information about the entire enterprise. By “enterprise” we mean an entity best described as a public agency, business, corporation, limited liability corporation, partnership or wholly-owned subsidiary with its own employees and most critically, its own talent development function.
  • The entity can be a branch, department, division, manufacturing site, plant, or corporate university, if talent development is solely focused on that entity.
  • Entities must have 10 or more full time employees in order to apply.
  • You do not need to be an ATD member to apply.
  • NOTE for Vendors and Suppliers:  Vendors and suppliers may apply for BEST Awards under one of these two parameters:
  1. The application reflects the talent development culture and learning initiatives within the supplier/vendor organization.
  2. The vendor/supplier partners with a client organization and submits an application under the client organization’s name.
  •  The BEST application is a blind application. Your entry should contain NO mention of the company name or any identifying programs, people, or achievements. Industry will be noted and is important for reviewers to understand. Applications that fail to meet these criteria may be disqualified. Your organization name will be collected as background information separate from your entry form.



Disqualified applications are not eligible for a refund of the application fee.

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